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24 December 2010 @ 08:59 am
Yo guyz ^^
I'm in germany right now /stealing my cousine's laptop...
Thank you for all your kind comments ! I'll reply to all of them when i'll be back !! Thanks again~
I hope you're all enjoying your vacation, I don't know what happened in the kpop world recently at all XD
Any good BIG BANG news ?? or SHINee ??

So, everybody, I hope you all get the presents you wanted :DD
and I wish you a happy christmaaas !!

Now I'm going to the city but my aunt is like "No there is so much snooooow !!! you can't go ooouuuut etc etc." xD
The snow is beautiful though :)

Merry christmas guyz and have a nice day xDD

PS : I'm so happy I'm going to meet date_masamune69 in january 8DDD
✘: sleepysleepy